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Helping you instantly diversify your crypto portfolio by investing in ideas, like the metaverse, rather than individual tokens

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What does it mean to invest in an idea

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Investing in an idea means that you invest in a collection of tokens. Instead of buying a single risky token you diversify your investment into many tokens with the click of a button.

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Investing in collections allows you to invest in an overarching idea without needing to understand any single token. Your investment is safer because it's automatically diversified.

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Crypto is made simpler when you only need to invest in a high level idea rather than understanding every individual token you invest in.

What makes Coherence different?

For once, a platform that actually makes crypto simple

Coherence is one of the first platforms that allows you to invest into ideas rather than risky tokens. You no longer have to think about what tokens you are investing in, just the world changing idea you believe in

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A focus on safety, simplicity, and diversification

Coherence will help you safely and simply diversify your crypto investments without needing to be an expert in crypto

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Exchange only trusted currencies

Each collection and currency offered on the Coherence app is vetted by financial experts to ensure we only offer you the most trusted products

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Try the simplest platform for safe crypto investing, today.